Karen Gillan Behind The Scenes of the Great Britain Marie Claire Shooting (2012)


Socked in Lake at Mt Baker by Colin Grigson

Martin Freeman’s got lots of wonderful quirks and talents. Many of which are on display in the film. But his most remarkable quality as an actor is to be able, with absolute clarity, to convey that he’s thinking two things at the same time. And you know as an audience what they are. And I wasn’t the only one on the set to say to himself later: “I wish I could act like that.” He has a palette of subtlety. And I thought, this is a new sort of acting that I’ve never seen before. — Sir Ian McKellen


reasons to date me:

  • i like showtunes
  • i will belt showtunes in the car
  • i will seduce you with showtunes
  • i will force you to sing showtunes with me in the shower
  • i’ll annoy you with all my showtunes
  • you shouldn’t date me

les mis movie meme: ten songs [9/10]
↳ “One day more”


don’t talk to me about les miserables unless you’re willing to be in it for the long haul because i’m physically incapable of shutting up about les miserables once i get started

Rene Magritte by Duane Michals


I am literally both of them at the same time


Make Me Choose
melissarific asked: Merlin/Arthur or Merlin/Freya